A circus is always a childs favourite place to go, isnt it? A circus is fantastic, delightful, and passionate! Reading My First Book – Circus, children will be deeply attracted by the various details displayed in the book. Whenever you recall the performances from the circus, a colourful dream will emerge in your eyes, rooted in your subconscious mind, nourishing your hearts. My First Book – Circus will bring to our children various themes about humanities – courage, happiness, diligence, cooperation, trust, respect – which are the virtues that have been existing in the human history for years and eras.

My first book – Circus / Amazing Circus, with delicate design and tailor, the circus has been made with plenty of different shows and performances, with rich scenes and various details that are linked to one another, to create a dreamy, joyful, wonderful circus for young readers.

My first book – Circus / Amazing Circus is also a book that tries to let children learn to narrate. Childrens narrative ability tends to increase with age, experience, and knowledge and it is mainly reflected in the processing of chronological order, spatial order, logic and relationship. The book breaks down the performances into different scenes, allowing children to participate in the joyful games, interacting with their parents – describing characters and the logical relationships between space, time, order, and the subtle growth of knowledge in the games.

When opening My first book – Circus / Amazing Circus, the moments we had with our parents return to our minds. We follow the cloth book to regain the joy of magic shows and animal performances and the excitement of other circus stages. As if we are watching circus live at home. The circus is a vibrant paradise to children and parents with unlimited excitement and enjoyment. This is what the book aims to bring to you and other thousands of families.

Recommended Age

1.5 – 6