The universe is far more than a yellow sun, a banana-shaped moon and pentagonal stars as we and our children imagine. Adults can consult an encyclopedia when they want to find out more; however, what will we do to sate our children’s curiosity?

My Space Book is the third book of the My First Book series. Interactive and explorative, it is one of best children books for 4 to 7 year-olds that covers a wide range of knowledge. Your child can learn about the universe, the planets, and phases of the moon as well as the oceans and continents.  Children will enjoy the interactive games, such as Space Gobang and Alien Memory Battle, and parents are encouraged to play with their kids.

My First Book 3 – My Space Book, adheres to the mission of enlightening and cultivating children’s talents, confidence and independence. Using My Space Book helps open children’s minds to space and the universe, engaging their imagination at a higher level.

Recommended Age

4 – 7