My First Book Series is designed by Elf Culture Communication Co. Ltd. The whole series of cloth books are based on the places visible in children’s life experience. The beautiful interactive pages of the operable cloth books are colourfully designed, which does catch children’s attention! The Busy Farm is tailor-made for children who are curious about different living environments. In addition to strengthening children’s basic knowledge of life and enhancing parent-child interaction, there are various manual operation designs on each page, including buttons, fruit picking, zippers and other functions can also help children’s hand muscle development.

The use of high-level and fine materials can show our full sincerity in the production of children’s cloth books and the quality of our books has been stable and excellent, with absolutely stable customer groups and reasonable pricing standards. The quality of our materials and the level of our craftsmanship have always been the top quality benchmarks in the world’s cloth book industry, making parents and children feel that it is excellent value for money.

Recommended Age

3 – 6yr