Our books help children develop self-control and muscle coordination, which is especially important for children to grow and meet developmental needs. The training of fine motor skills and flexibility of the wrist is good for children to learn how to write! In addition to improving self-care abilities, the book will lay a solid foundation for children to learn in other areas and to develop their discipline, organizational skills, independence, and concentration.

The book focuses on teaching your child practical life skills that they will carry with them into adulthood. These include learning about shapes, number matching and sorting as well as imaginative play and how to dress themselves (how to use zippers, ties, buttons, tying shoelaces and so on). My First Book is tailored to accommodate your child’s development as they grow.  My First Book provides varied activities specifically developed so that there are a plethora of activities and lessons to keep your child learning and occupied.

Recommended Age

0 – 3